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HONEY MADUKA AHONEYCOMB RGF 70 + Wild Honey Apple Cider 270gm (WM RM58.00) (EM RM60.00) (S$58.00)

Maduka Ahoneycomb RGF 70 + Wild Honey Apple Cider Vinegar

The impure honey apple cider vinerar with more than 50 % sucrose and maltose,it cannot be absorbed by our body ,ones this amount exceeds 10 milligrams,diabetic may occur,thus,generally,consuming more than 100 milligrams at impure honey apple cider vinegar may result in serious diabetic problem.however,this side effect can be relieved by consuming ahoneycomb wild honey apple cider vinegar.it contains more than 70 % of glucose and fructose,at the same time when glucose and fructose are consumed in equal amounts,the glucose and fructose can be totally absorbed in our body .so diabetic patients can consume ,it can be used to relieve constipation.peple suffering from constipation should take at least 3 teaspoonfuls (approximately) 100 gm of ahoneycomb wild honey apple cider vinegar.

Proven by medical science Maduka Ahoneycomb RGF 70 + Wild Honey Apple Cider Vinegar "can prevent heart disease, stroke, high blood glucose lever, uric acid, cholesterol, and high blood pressure, it contains more then 70 % of glucose and fructose, 0 % sucrose and maltose so, diabetic patients can consume, at the same time, can prevent heart disease and stroke .
According to some researches on patients suffering from heart disease and high blood pressure, the following results were obtained after consuming "wild honey vinegar" for 6 month :

1. Hardening of arteries due to high cholesterol was reduced by 9.5 %

2. The proportion at HDL cholesterol level has largely increased.

3. Neutral fat if too much, not only atherosclerosis, but also lead to obesity, fatty liver. This is an average reduction of 2.3%

4 Blood glucose level has gone down by 2.1%.

5. The blood viscosity had decreased thus improving blood flow.

The above information can be confirmed by the "wild honey vinegar" for heart disease and stroke, hypertension, diabetes, prevention of adult diseases such great effect.

The data above supports the medical benefits at "wild honey vinegar" on patients suffering from heart disease, hypertension and diabetes.

According to food act 1983 section 130 Standard,

Our Product all follows the food act regulation and KKM Standard

1 honey shall be the sugary product obtained from the comb of the honey bee.

2 shall have an apparent SUCROSE content of not more 10 percent,

3 shell contain not less then 60 percent of reducing sugars calculate as dextrose anhydrous.

4 shall not content more then 20 percent of water.

5 shall not content more then 1 percent of ash

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Ahoneycomb Wild Honey Apple Cider Vinegar 900gm (WM RM88.00) (EM RM90.00) (S$45.00)

80% local honey sold ‘not pure’New Straits Times On Line: Local News 05 Sep 2006

Ahoneycomb Royal Gold Wild Honey on Fire Demo

Our Product With GMP Standard, ISO 9001/2000, HACCP Certified, Halal Certified.

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Price : MYR 58.00