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Royal Jelly 60 capsule (400mg) (WM RM288.00) (EM RM 298.00) (S$288.00)

Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly has been widely recommended as a nutritional health supplement. It is also said to rejuvenate skin. Actually royal jelly is the food for the queen bee and, its offspring's. Its main components are, sugar , minerals , proteins , tats and vitamins. 50% at the tats are 10-hydroxy-decenoic acid, 10HDA. 10-HDA accurs naturally only in royal jelly.
So royal Jelly contains a wide variety at nutrients needed by the body. It can incense strength, enhance metablish and maintain general good health. Research has show that royal jelly is a mild, natural antibiotic.
For females, royal jelly can relieve menopause symptoms, help to keep skin tine and reduce wrinkles; while for males, it helps to improve SEX LIFE.

Natural royal jelly is a unstable quality and is easily affected by heat, light and oxygen. It needs to be stored below 2*C, which is very inconvenient. Royal jelly since the latest technology.

This helps to stabilize the product and make it easily absorbed in the digestive system.

Many consumers would have one common doubt about the actual components at the royal jelly capsule. Its the capsule are at superior quality, after removing the royal jelly powder from the capsule and placing it in the month, the natural sourness at royal jelly should be detected.

Price : MYR 288.00