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Royal Jelly Wild Honey 900gm (WM RM398.00) (EM RM400.00) (S$398.00) 600gm (WM RM288.00) (EM RM300.00) (S$288.00)


Royal Jelly has been a preference since the ancient times. It was being used to prevent and heal diseases, and to keep good health since many years ago.

Royal Jelly Wild Honey is pure and contains no preservatives. It is able to regulate all kinds of brain nerves secretion, which in turn enables one to sleep peacefully, and enhances the memory. It also improves our concentration, thinking minds and agility, thus eliminates the fatigue in our body and soul. Preparation: Add adequate amount of Royal Jelly Wild Honey into water and stir well. It is recommended to drink after meals (Twice a day).

80% local honey sold ‘not pure’New Straits Times On Line: Local News 05 Sep 2006

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Our Product With GMP Standard, ISO 9001/2000, HACCP Certified, Halal Certified.

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Price : MYR 398.00