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BRAZILIA GREEN PROPOLIS PLUS Propolis – Western Chinese Medicine, Folk Remedy


THE World's Second Leading Killer Disease ! Malaysia's Female NO 1 Killer Disease.



The abuse of antibiotics will result in noneectiveness of such substances in 20 years time.Medical personnels are constantly in search of stronger and better antibiotics and have discovered Green propolis.Green Propolis from Brazil has been recognized as the highest quality and the best in the world.

Export and quality certification by the Agiculture Department of Brazil.

From the State of Minas Gerais,Southern Brazil.A natural reserve with more then 80 kinds of Eucalyptus with no industrial and prsticide pollution.

Weekly harvest using a super-critical fluid extraction method to ensure the highest active ingredients content is retained.

The 8 functions of Bioflavonoids

1.Strengthen cellular membran -Activate cells functions.

2.Strengthen Connective tissue-promote revival of cells.

3.Restrain"virulent tumor" -prevent cancer cells propagate.

4.Relaxe subsidiary sympathetic Nerve-provide anti-pressure .action.

5.Anti-oxidant action-dispel the damage of free radicals.

6.Anti-allergy action-prohibit adiposity cells link up to antigent,wsich may cause allergy.

7.Activate helpful enzymes -to improve body to produce energy.

8.Prohibit prostaglandin that leads to infections and aching-provide diminished inflammation and ease up aching. 

The Green Propolis researcher report:

In 1987,the research performed by British Oxford University obtains 149 ingredients,contains very rich vitamin A,B complex,E,H,P,etc,more then 10 minerals,10 amino acids;inclusive of 8 basic amino acids and multi fatty acids.Among the contents,includes the most important 10 different Bioflavonoids.

Kie University of West Germany,Dr.Bent Havsteen's research showed green propolis contain's vitamin P substance,which is able to stimulate the human body to produce natural immune interferon's to increase the immune power.

The research performed by Japanese Medical Doctor has proven Green propolis contains 34 Bioflavonoids.in 1991,japan Economic News Society announced a medical report that shocked the whole world that is:"Green Propolis restrains propagation of cancer cells",the effective ingredient is Bioflavonoids.

Explore The Miraculous Of Brazil Ahoneycomb Green Propolis Plus

Nature`s Healing Touch The Best Natural Antibiotic With sterilizing and Anti-inflammatory effects.it is also able to improve physic and elevate immunnity by strengthening the 3 natural killer cells.it also possesses anti-bacterial,anti-pathogenic,anti-cancer and anti-tumour properties.

All In Complete and Natural Balance



Suitable for :Use in the treatment of physical weakness.

Acne .Allergies .Arthritis .Asthma

Cancer .Coughs. Digestive problems.Digestive problems

Fever.Flu and colds.High blood pressure.Infections

Malnutrition.Migraine headaches .Poor circulation.

Respiratory disease .Sore tharoat.Skin disorders.


And is the best companion for those who have undergone chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Recuperatory Reactions: Do not be afraid if you experience various reaction during administration.These are good detoxification reactions of Green Propolis.

Dosage:5-6 drops.3 times a day for person who are seriously.




Propolis – Western Chinese Medicine, Folk Remedy




Propolis – Western Chinese Medicine, Folk Remedy
Propolis, from the Greek word, “PRO”, meaning “in defense of” and “POLIS” meaning “city”, is descriptive of the protection propolis provides the bee hives. It is a resinous substance bees use to construct and maintain their hives. Deciduous tree bark and leaves are collected by bees, combine it with their own secretions and form glue – like mixture known as bee propolis. Propolis, also called “bee glue”.
Propolis is totally different from the chemical medicine presented by the modern medical science. It is an epitome of folk medicines that pass on from generation to generation. We are used to modern western medicine. We hold that all medicines must have their side effects. The more effective the treatment effect it has, the stronger the side effects it brings. This had been set in our mind. Anyway, this law is not applicable to the natural bee products. The team factory of bees is much more excellent as compared to the factory that manufactures modern medicines. When we talk about bee, the first thing in our mind must be honey or royal jelly. Propolis does not serve as bee’s food but it is used in the construction of hives. One of the roles of propolis is to reinforce the hive by sealing cracks, open spaces and crevices to protect the hive from the cold and rain. It is used around the hive as an effective sealant, filling holes and cracks in the shell of the beehive. This is the miracle of nature. Propolis also protects the hive against infections. Bees coat every inch of the internal walls of their hives with a thin layer of propolis to sterilize the comb and keep their hives free of bacteria. Because of the propolis, the hive is virtually free of bacteria, mold and mildew. As an antibiotic, propolis helps the hive block out viruses, bacteria & other organisms. Normally, there are various kinds of bacterium exist in almost all living organisms. We do not fall into sick in this condition, as our body is immune to various kinds of bacterium. Nevertheless, bee itself almost does not have any harmful bacteria. The main reason for is due to propolis. Propolis has long been known to have a natural antibacterial effect. It gives play to its ability in killing all bacterium. Besides that, it causes the self – activation of cells to fight with the bacteria or anaphylactogen that tends to make an incursion. This ensures the body of bees in a bacterium – free condition. This is the great wisdom of the nature.
Propolis is the guardian angel of bees and human beings. The ancient people knew this. Propolis is popular and being valued greatly since ancient times, especially in the Europe. Propolis has been used since ancient times in folk medicine for its beneficial effects. It is placed on a part with royal jelly as folk therapy, used to promote general health and treat diseases. When we talk about Egypt, we will sure think about mummy. Preservatives are needed for mummification. Egyptians utilized propolis as a type of preservative. In fact, there had been cases that mummy of mouse carcass was found in beehive. From this, we can see how powerful the propolis is. Since ancient times, propolis is used as folk medicine to treat wounds and skin diseases in western civilized society. Man has used it both internally and externally for thousands of years as a healing agent. The efficacy of propolis lies in its characteristics as the only natural antibiotic. In fact, it has been referred to as “nature’s penicillin”. Each type of medicines produced by scientific method of modern medicine has only effect on a type of disease. However, propolis, as the epitome of folk therapy, is effective for almost all diseases although there is individual difference.
Why the propolis produced in Brazil is known to has the best quality in the world ? There are two reasons. The first reason is due to the type of bee and the second is due to the bio - diversity of plants in Brazil. Let’s look at the first point. The bees in Brazil evolved from the bees in Africa. Its ability is greater than the normal bee. Its flying ability and action is twice greater than the normal one. It is able to collect a huge quantity of propolis. The bees in Brazil have the distinguished ability to collect propolis. The natural environment of Brazil is the most suitable conditions as the habitat for bees. Brazil has warm climate of the spring and summer all the year round. This is the best living environment for plants. Bees fly around plants to collect propolis. The plants that being collected propolis by bees include white poplar, pine tree, oak, Tasmanian blue gum and so on. There are wide Tasmanian blue gum forests in Brazil. Its acreage is twice bigger than the area of Japan. The wide area of Tasmanian blue gum forest gives the bees chances to collect high purity of propolis. Tasmanian blue gum is the treasure house of bacteria killing ingredients as compared to other types of trees. The propolis collected from it has a good quality. In a word, there is no other wider plant distribution as compared to Brazil. You do not have to doubt about the high quality of propolis being collected in Brazil. In additionally, Brazil serves as a treasure house of medicinal plants in the world, which is rarely found. There are about two to three hundred types of medicinal plants in Brazil. Even the wild grass grown at the roadside can be used as medicinal herbs. Bees automatically bring the ingredients of medicinal herbs into the propolis which means propolis contains the ingredients of medicinal herbs. Therefore, propolis from Brazil has the best quality.
So far, the propolis has become the focus of public attention is due to a report from Europe in 1960’s. This report recorded various cases of illness treatment by propolis. The propolis has become the crux in an international conference held in Nagoya, Japan in October 1985. The existence of propolis had been attached importance. In that time, there are about one to two hundred people from 53 countries over the world voiced the usefulness and clinical cases of propolis one after another. Since then, propolis has become a new health food. In fact, as publicized in the world, propolis has distinguished efficacy. It is effective for cancer based on the clinical cases reports. Therefore, it is popular in Japan. Propolis too overcame the blind spot of modern medicine. Propolis can bring the real health that could not be brought by modern medicine. It does not bring side effects at all. This is totally different from the medicine produced by modern medicine. The key point is that it is a natural bee product. It is a natural substance produced by the bees. This factor makes propolis does not have medicinal side effects at all. It is not harmful to you no matter how much are you taking.
To modern people, cancer is the biggest enemy that men have to overcome. Anyhow, it is pitiful that, our modern and well-developed medical technology failed to exterminate the key factor of cancer. The only factor that can bring hope to us is the improvement in technology of detecting cancer in the early stage. Well then, why are we suffered from cancer ? There are various reasons. As listed below, there are a few reasons that lead to cancer :
1. Daily diet
2. Environmental pollution
3. Chemical substances
4. Ozone or ultraviolet radiation
5. Chronic stimulation
6. Cancer gene attributed to virus
7. Cancer attributed to heredity factor
8. Pressure
How does propolis play its role in various factors that lead to cancer ? In short, propolis uses integrity to control the factors that lead to cancer. Regarding the anti – cancer properties of propolis, there are successful treatment cases reports in Europe since 1960. Study had been carried out. According to the pronouncement by a Japanese Profesor, propolis, a flavonoid – rich product exhibits anti – cancer function. It has a strong function in getting rid of activated oxygen that is closely related to the growth of cancerous cells. Activated oxygen is one of the harmful oxygen in our body. It is produced when our body metabolise bacteria and virus that entered our body. Activated oxygen oxidizes and harms cells. This is harmful to gene and resulted in formation of base for cancer. Propolis functions as activated oxygen scavengers. That means, propolis possesses anti – cancer function. Flavonoids accounted for the anti – cancer properties of propolis. Flavonoids enhances immunity, increases the ability to fight against virus and cancer cells, cleanses blood, get rids of activated oxygen, prevents anaphylaxis, controls pressure, strengthens cells membrane, increases cells function and so on. These effects have been shown to be the result of the presence of flavonoids in propolis. A profesor from a university in Germany claimed that propolis that is rich of flavonoids can help us immensely in the following aspects :
1. Inhibits reaction of certain enzymes
2. Strengthens cells membrane
3. Strengthens connective tissue
4. Antianaphylactic function
5. Reinforces the structure and function of our immunity. Reinforces our immunity towards infection. Promotes formation of interferon.
6. Reinforces reaction of beneficial enzymes related to energy in living organism
7. Inhibits oxidation reaction
8. Inhibits growth of prostatotoxin
Besides this, the most significant point about flavonoids is that it stimulates macrophage phagocytic function when there are foreign substances enters our body. In simple, it strengthens propolis antibacterial and immunologic function. The high nutrient and antiseptic properties of propolis help build resistance to diseases.
Men pursue health as their ages increase. Propolis exhibits important effects on this point. Rich in flavonoids, propolis prevents arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes mellitus and so on. Why does propolis possess preventive function on all these adult diseases ? Propolis is high in flavonoids, which by themselves may account for many of the benefits attributed to propolis. For instance, arteriosclerosis is resulted from accumulation of cholesterol and neutral fat in blood vessels, which lead to angiopsathyrosis. When there are old wastes accumulated in blood vessels, the blood circulation in our body is definitely poor. As this happens, the heart has to increase its pressure to pump out the blood. This leads to high blood pressure. This vicious circle may lead to arteriorrhexis, followed by cerebral hemorrhage. If the heart is overburdened, it might lead to heart disease. In other words, almost all these adult diseases resulted from arteriosclerosis and the root cause comes from blood vessel. Flavonoids in propolis promote synthesis of mucopolysaccharide and collagen thus increase life – span of blood vessels and other tissues. As we ages, angiopsathyrosis becomes more serious. Once angiopsathyrosis happens, ageing is carrying on in our body. But, propolis can prevent ageing. Ageing is unavoidable in our life. In order to survive, we have to burn the food in our body to obtain energy. Enzyme is needed to obtain energy. That means, our body has got to produce enzyme to survive, which will bring about oxidation. Oxidation definitely leads to ageing. How to reduce or prevent oxidation in our body ? Here come flavonoids, the main ingredients of propolis. The vitamin P in flavonoids is a super class potent anti – oxidant. Therefore, it can prevent ageing of blood vessels.
Propolis activates the tissues all over the body to initiate a vigorous life ! This function means a lot to man. It is one of nature’s most versatile substances with a wide range of accepted health benefits. It is a quality substance that able to overcome the blind spot of modern medicine. It is a natural bee product. Science has proven what the ancient Greeks learned years ago, propolis offers one of natures most potent and versatile nutritional supplements. Therefore, we as human being should appreciate this gift of nature.
Utilize propolis to obtain health ! It is the best partner of your healthy life. If you are in a pink of health, propolis will act as a good partner that helps to keep a state of healthiness and wellbeing. If you are a bit tire, with accumulated pressure, then propolis can alleviate your tiredness, pressure and restore your healthy life.

Lycopene – The Pioneer In Cancer Prevention
Lycopene is a bright red carotenoid pigment. It is not merely a pigment. It is one of the most potent carotenoid antioxidants. Lycopene is a phytochemical that imparts red colour to tomatoes, watermelon and grapefruit.
In our body, prostate gland, adrenal gland and the testes store high levels of lycopene. Lycopene levels in the prostate are found to be as high as 64%. A few studies showed that lycopene as a powerful antioxidant suppresses the growth of cancer cells, especially cancer of the prostate gland, carcinoma of urinary bladder and cancer of the esophagus. Replenish antioxidant reduces chances of getting sick, enhances physical strength and stamina. The antioxidant properties of lycopene not only appear to prevent lipid peroxidation in our body but also suppress the growth of cancers.
Lycopene is a carotenoid that acts as a useful free radicals scavenger. It has been shown to neutralize free radicals in our body, thereby increase our immunity, promote our health and reduce the risk of cancers. Lycopene’s configuration enables it to inactivate free radicals before they damage our cells. Free radicals are the prime criminal of cancer. The anti – free radicals system in our body becomes weak as we ages. When free radicals are produced in tissues, they react with macromolecular in our body. For instance, DNA, protein, carbohydrate, lipid and other significant macromoleculars. They harm the function of all these macromoleculars that can then cause a series of diseases. For example, cancer, angiocardiopathy, ageing and so on. As the levels of lycopene in our blood and lymph corpuscles increased, it weakens the harm that free radicals bring about. This showed the protective effect of lycopene on cells. Our body needs to repair damaged cells. If the repairing is incomplete or any mistakes happen in between, it will be the main cause of ageing and cancer. All these indirect evidences are for a preventive effect against cancer. Studies show lycopene possesses the function of eliminating hydrogen peroxide. Hence, it is predicted lycopene play a quite vital role in preventing lipid peroxidation and protecting our body from being harmed by free radicals. Replenishing lycopene increases our body resistance to various diseases attributed to free radicals. Lately, lycopene is thought to be an effective epithelial tissues cancer – preventing agent.
Humans cannot produce lycopene. Therefore, our only and necessary way to obtain lycopene is from lycopene – containing diet. Lycopene is fat-soluble substance. When we consume lycopene – containing diet, the chylomicron in our intestines will bring along lycopene and being transported to the body tissues via blood. Studies show that lycopene reduces the risk of cancer. According to the report from studies, lycopene able to kill oral cancer cells in the experiment. It inhibits the growth of other cancers too. For instance, prostate cancer, mastocarcinoma, cancer of the pancreas, carcinoma of large intestine and so on. Apart from this, other study group found that lycopene possesses the protective effect in preventing angiocardiopathy. Epidemiological studies have shown that the risk of developing hypertrophy of the prostate and prostate cancer is the lowest in Italian men with high intake of lycopene amongst European men.
The studies carried out by Harvard University found that the people with a higher intake of lycopene may account for about 4% of reduction in the risk of cancer. The big study by Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health suggested to men to consume two lycopene – containing servings weekly. The risk of developing prostate cancer that is most worried by men reduces 24% to 36%. In one six years study by Harvard University, 48,000 people were studied. It showed that lycopene able to lower 21% to 34% of prostate cancer risk. Lycopene has positive effects on breast cancer, the biggest enemy of women. Many researchers prove that lycopene able to prevent the risk of many types of cancer. These include prostate cancer, breast cancer, carcinoma of uterine cervix and so on. Further studies show that lycopene reduces the risk of cancers like lung cancer, carcinoma of urinary bladder, carcinoma of uterine cervix and various skin carcinomas. The Journal of Cancer Research showed lycopene reduces risk of oral carcinoma, throat cancer, carcinoma of esophagus, carcinoma of stomach, carcinoma of large intestine and rectal carcinoma. The journal of Illinois State University claimed that lycopene able to reduce the risk of carcinoma of uterine cervix.
The correlation between lycopene and prostate cancer was being researched in the 1970’s. The report showed the comparison between those who take 14 times of lycopene - containing meal monthly and those who take three times of lycopene - containing meal. The risk of developing prostate cancer is 30% lower in the former group. Another extensive big scale study by Italian scholar in between 1986 to 1992, proved that lycopene can reduce the risk of prostate cancer effectively. The report from Dr. Kucuk and others showed that those patients who consume 30mg of lycopene daily help them in controlling the growth of cancer cells after undergo the carcinectomy. A 2004 article by Dr. Mohanty in the British Journal of Urology stated lycopene appears to help in preventing prostate from developing into the state of cancer.
A clinical experiment by American Association for Tumor Research showed that lycopene has decisiveness function on prostate cancer treatment. It improves the 5 survival factors of prostate cancer patient who consume it. In a study by the Cancer Institute of Barbara, 21 prostate cancer patients were studied. They consume 15mg of lycopene capsule twice daily. After three weeks, they examined all of the patients and found that the attacking ability of cancer cells decreased and the size of tumor decreased. Amongst that, there are 14 patients able to inhibit the metastasis of tumor. In 2000, the Chicago School of Medicine had carried out survey on 1899 middle – aged men in their late 30 years. It indicated low intake of lycopene was linked with a higher risk of prostate cancer.
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Ahoneycomb Green Propolis plus can help Relieve Improve and Prevent with the following condition:



Ahoneycomb Green Propolis plus can help Relieve Improve and Prevent with the following condition:

Price : MYR 788.00