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Malaysia over millions of years of the original tropical rain forest covered every inch of land, which were distributed numerous turbulence, river, plateau; tens of thousands of rare and precious animals and plants, insects, especially the most abundant reserves of natural wild activity honey resources from the beautiful tropical rain forest of Malaysia's natural activity of wild honey, flowers and forests to natural wood as raw material from which to obtain high-quality honey, and in the extraction process in order not to undermine the principle of active substances of honey, keep up nutrients, to give you the most natural health and vitality. activity of wild honey honey, then the ability of anti-microbial anti-bacterial strength of their sub-level MADUKA RGF +70 to +90 is the natural activity of the old wild honey bees from the flowers of flowering plants mined by nectar brewed honey in the hive, the bees from the flowers to take the water content of about 80% of the nectar or secretions, into his second stomach, the role of converting enzyme in the body after 30 minutes under fermentation, threw back the hive, hive temperature maintained at about 35 ℃, after a period of time, water evaporation, a moisture content of less than 20% of the honey stored to the nest hole, sealing wax and then over bees five to ten years, after five years to ten years old brewed in the hive honey, keep up the old honey and royal jelly quality nutrients, the hive also contains royal jelly in fact it is secreted from the worker bees out of the hose line nutrients, feeding groups and habitat of queen bee larvae eat, its main ingredients: sugar, minerals (potassium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, zinc, etc.), and a variety of amino acids, proteins, lipids, vitamin B group, etc., Nature in the bees, nectar, and pollen,  Maduka Ahoneycomb  honey grows in the tropical rainforest of Malaysia's original wild honey bees in nature, flowers and forest wood as raw material, made from high-quality natural nectar and eat pollen, wild bees and in the extraction process in order not to undermine the nature of the principle of active substances of honey, to retain the most nutrients, to give you the most natural health and vitality, anti-microbial activity of the ability of wild honey honey then divided according to their level of intensity of anti-bacterial activity




MADUKA AHONEYCOMB the abbreviated RGF 90 + active old honey nutrients RGF 90% +


Nature in the honey in the cold winter temperatures easily crystallized. Temperature 13-15 degrees Celsius, it will form a white solid or fine granular, 90% are crystallized honey, the higher the concentration, the more the faster crystallization, high concentrations of honey will be the overall crystallization, concentrated honey, honey is usually not easy to reconcile the crystallization temperature After recovery, crystallization will gradually melt into a translucent honey-like fluid, crystal honey, warm water can be around 60 degrees Celsius (the temperature is too high will damage the nutrients) water-resisting heat for half an hour to melt, the composition of honey in addition to glucose, fructose than also contains a variety of pollen, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and royal jelly, the activity of wild honey natural honey contains 360kcal per 100g of calories, fat in places decanoic acid (10-hydroxy-decenoic acid ,10-HDA) content of more than 50%, and 10-HAD in nature, Royal Jelly Royal Jelly is among the active material is very precious, the hive's honey is a supersaturated solution of sugar, will produce crystals at low temperatures to produce crystalline glucose, no part of the crystallization mainly fructose, in addition to containing a variety of pollen, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and royal jelly ingredients, not just in the refrigerator, such as Malaysia's pristine tropical rain Linjinmalun and Genting Highlands is about 15 ℃ in cold weather, on the interior storage will produce crystals, when heated, the liquid crystal will change back, the problem is not quality deterioration, when honey contains a lot of glucose, fructose addition also contains a variety of pollen, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and royal jelly ingredients, such as at low temperatures and when the cold weather will be about 15 ℃ crystallization in nature, Royal Jelly is active substances, among the ingredients of royal jelly, produced at low temperature will be transformed into crystalline form and is very precious royal jelly, honey is very good preservation, has the United States archaeologists TMDavis found in the pyramids of Egypt about 3300 years ago, bottled honey, no deterioration of the record, so some people say that honey is not the only bad food, honey moisture content of less bacteria and yeast can not survive in honey, so honey do not need the refrigerator, honey than sucrose (sugar, the main component) is more easily absorbed by the body, because the honey is from the simple sugars glucose and fructose, can be directly absorbed by the body, rather than need to break down the enzyme, the enzyme (also known as enzymes, English: Enzyme), refers to the catalytic function of biological macromolecules, the enzyme-catalyzed reaction, the reactant molecules called substrate, the substrate through the catalytic conversion of to another molecule, almost all of the cellular activity of enzymes involved in the process need to improve efficiency.



The company's products is Malaysia FOOD ACT Food Act 1983 STANDARD Standard 130

According to FOOD ACT1983 SEC130 Standard, Our Product all follows the food act regulation

1 honey shall be the sugary product obtained from the comb of the honey bee.

2 shall have an apparent SUCROSE content of not more than 10 per cent,

3 shall contain not less than 60 percent of reducing sugars calculate as dextrose anhydrous.

4 shall not content more than 20 per cent of water.

5 shall not content more than 1 per cent of ash

6 shall have an acidity of not more than 40 milliequivalants acid per 1000g

Food Act ACT1983 SEC130 standards, our products follow the Food Act Regulations

A nest of honey bees get honey from the product.

2, there should be a clear content, sugar content of not more than 10%

3 shall contain not less than 60%, calculated to restore glucose fructose and dehydration.

4, no more than 20% water content.

5, no more than 1% ash content

6, there should be a no more than 40 milliequivalants acidic acid per kilogram

Ministry of Health standards for laboratory tests prove that no material adverse undermine the principle component

According to the company's products is the food of Malaysia Act 1983 STANDARD FOOD ACT standard


Act according to national food standards, according to the honey of different physical and chemical quality,

Into a product of honey moisture content of not more than 20%,

A hierarchy should reach: fructose and glucose content of not less than 60%,

Sucrose content of not more than 10%.

Maduka ahoneycomb X.O. ROYAL BLACK RGF 90 +
X Old honey contains natural sugars, is collected by the bees. These single sugars, usually named fructose, and glucose, glucose for energy, can be metabolized in the blood, bees collect nectar itself consists mainly of 1. 02% natural sugar, which the old honey enzymes, causing catalytic reaction, the sucrose into fructose and glucose, so honey is a carbohydrate, Maduka ahoneycomb RGF 90 + most of the natural sugars fructose and glucose, as the old honey contains high glucose, so there are natural flowers smell, the taste is not sweet with acid and alcohol honey sweeter than sugar, however, fructose, must first be converted to glucose by the liver, it is more moderate late into heat fuel, which has human work bees do it, it can be metabolized in the blood, the old honey has a healthier Glycemic Index (GI), which means that the old honey to the sugar gradually into the blood circulation system. in order to facilitate better digestion and absorption, we should eat less food with high glycemic index and general support honey, because honey contains honey keep 50% of sucrose, it is generally with high glycemic index foods because of the blood blood sugar rise sharply in a short time, will stimulate the metabolism of the pancreas, which secrete large amounts of insulin, long-term effect on health is negative, the old honey contains a lot of natural minerals such as iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, manganese, copper, sodium, chloride, phosphate, silicate, silicon elements and vitamins to speed up the body of excess cholesterol and fatty acid metabolism, prevent obesity, very beneficial to our health, so the athletes to use this feature to maintain a constant high-energy , the fact is, the old honey is far better than most people think, the old honey to resist the treatment of certain diseases and alternative medicine health care, more and more researchers are new to the medical benefits of honey, in all directions evidence of the benefits of the old honey to meet not only stay in the palate, the old honey also offers incredible natural preservative, or a natural first-aid, antioxidant and cleansing properties for our bodies and health and beauty hot and the ladies skin care tips, cuts and burns, used to treat wounds, because it can absorb moisture from the air to promote wound healing and amazing healing properties, helps keep external wounds clean them from infection, and even scars and joint swelling and pain, head to toe as a remedy for thousands of years old honey is considered to be the most natural home using one of the drugs used to treat a variety of diseases, so some of the most Common health problems include, such as bad breath, hair loss, sleep disorders, arthritis, acne, and bacterial infections, ringworm, conjunctivitis, the disinfection effect of certain bacteria can inhibit the propagation of its natural anti-bacterial properties prevent infection and can be used as anti-inflammatory agents to reduce swelling and pain, its powerful healing properties, has long been used for thousands of years to cure disease and promote healing, a very easy to understand explanation, because Maduka ahoneycomb RGF 90 + old honey contains little natural propolis, royal jelly, pollen component, providing incredibly high-energy natural cure disease and promote healing, all the old honey has long been used as a natural cure or alternative medicine health care, to boost the immune system.

Enhance immunity, in all honey is good in the human body, impressed me most deeply is its strong ability to enhance immune function, the old honey and natural antioxidant capacity of sterilization special function to help improve the digestive system, and help you stay healthy, fight disease, if you want to see for themselves the old honey to bring you the benefits of using this effect to purify the body's nourishment start a new day: before breakfast, with a spoon of honey and some lemon old juice, a cup of warm water to take, as Maduka ahoneycomb RGF 90 + has a strong natural anti-bacterial capabilities, is the preferred honey wound dressings, treatment of hangover: When you drink too much, feeling uncomfortable, you can drink honey to ease the discomfort, the old honey to moisturize the stomach, it contains a variety of sugars including fructose, including, the liver can accelerate the oxidation of alcohol, plays a "sober agent" role, the old honey hangover recipe: 15 ml old honey, orange juice and then 80 ml Add 70 ml natural yoghurt, mixed taking. treat sore throat: Honey is another well-known health benefits is its ability to help cure a sore throat, due to its antibacterial properties, honey is not only relieve the old throat, but it can kill a These bacteria cause infection, usually professional singer before the show with old honey throat moist, well-known people that the body is "lit" cause sore throat or cough, drink good old honey well done on the go, use: eat a spoonful of old honey to ease inflammation, old honey with two tablespoons, four tablespoons of lemon juice and a pinch of salt mixture, taking rinse, old honey lemon aloe (cosmetic weight loss, summer heat and detoxification, prevent constipation, inflammatory swelling, the old 3 tablespoons honey, aloe vera 3 tablespoons of grain, half a cup of water, ice a little (aloe Peel tablets must, wash, add sugar and cook for 20 minutes and let cool back) especially with warm water mixed Maduka ahoneycomb RGF 90 + old honey to take, it's anti-bacterial treatment effect is well known, treatment of insomnia: Can not sleep? use the famous milk and honey of the old recipe with a cup of hot milk with a teaspoon of honey to calm the old thoughts, to induce sleep.

Price : MYR 700.00